We enhance countywide literacy efforts through education, outreach and partnerships, and empowered 171,000 adults and children to improve their quality of life by bettering their literacy skills last year alone.

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Voices and Faces of Literacy

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SDCOL Mission

The mission of the San Diego Council on Literacy is to advance literacy among San Diego residents and create the civic and economic benefits of a literate community.

In achieving this, children will advance through school reading at grade level, adults will be employment-ready and civically engaged, and the community will understand the foundational role of literacy in a healthy society.

Roles of the San Diego Council on Literacy:

  • Increasing resources for service providers
  • Expanding access to services for those needing literacy instruction
  • Providing coordination of services on a regional basis
  • Spreading best practices
  • Ensuring accountability/showing outcomes from services/instruction
  • Engaging the leadership in literacy solutions
  • Keeping literacy visible as a cause that enhances quality of life for all

Currently, there are 28 affiliated literacy programs that provide no-cost literacy assistance to children, families, and adults in San Diego County.  In 2014, these programs served over 170,000 learners.

For Assistance

*If you need help with your reading/writing/math skills, or are interested in becoming a volunteer tutor, please call our hotline at 1-888-850-READ

*Si usted necesita ayuda con su lectura/escritura/computación, llame con confianza nuestra línea de infomación al 1-888-850-READ Se habla espanol.

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